Kids love Smile Station Pediatric Dentistry because we make going to the dentist fun! From the very minute they walk through the door, our patients are treated to an environment that is tailored to their needs and likes.​

a kid-friendly environment

As soon as your child walks in, he/she is welcome to play with a variety of fun activities and toys. We offer everything from train sets to video games to books. Bottom line: your children won't be bored or intimidated as you check in for your appointment.

a train that runs around the office

When your child walks back to the treatment and exam areas they are greeted by a train that runs continuously around the exam area.

flat screen TVs in the ceilings

We have custom-installed TVs above every exam chair. While we perform our exam, your child can sit back, relax and watch his/her favorite show!

cool shades

At Smile Station Pediatric Dentistry, we truly think of everything! Bright exam lights can be overwhelming and a bit scary for young children. That's why we provide kid-sized sunglasses. Not only do kids feel cool wearing them, but those bright lights become much more bearable.

fun prizes

We want to reward your child for being such a great patient and for taking care of their teeth (don't worry, children with cavities still get a prize!). At the end of each visit, your child can choose from a variety of stickers and prizes.

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