Our board-certified pediatric dentists have undergone years of specialized training and are able to provide the expertise your child deserves. Whether it's a routine cleaning or your child has a dental emergency, Smile Station Pediatric Dentistry is able to provide gentle, personalized care and service for each patient that walks through our doors. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today!

dental exams

We recommend bringing your child in to see us at least once every 6 months for a check-up and cleaning to ensure they are on the right track to a healthy smile. Your dentist and staff will spend quality time getting to know you and your child so that we can tailor care to their individual needs. We teach your child to be comfortable with dentistry by explaining procedures and demonstrating the equipment in a fun and imaginative way.
Oral Examination
At your check-ups we cover every inch of your mouth to make sure dental decay has nowhere to hide! We examine your teeth, gums and jaws using special instruments and cool high-tech gadgets. We also take special care to ensure the facial structure, teeth and jaws are growing and developing properly.

preventative dentistry

During your child’s appointment we will talk about proper brushing, flossing and eating habits. We strive to provide a fun, educational environment where children learn about the importance of good dental hygiene motivating them to take on the responsibility of caring for their smile!
Diagnostic Images
Every child is unique and the need for diagnostic images will vary from child to child. Your pediatric dentist will review your child’s medical and dental histories and perform a clinical examination before the recommendation for images is made. Radiographs allow us to detect and diagnose conditions that cannot be detected during the clinical exam and enable us to deliver the highest standard of care.
Fluoride Treatments
In accordance with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, our board-certified pediatric dentists will prescribe the right fluoride regimen for your child based on individual risk factors and ensure that you do not exceed the recommended daily amount.
Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatments
Silver diamine fluoride is a substance we can use to stop enamel-harming bacteria in the mouth to stop a cavity that has already developed, saving a tooth while also protecting those around it. SDF goes onto the tooth as a liquid. It quickly hardens and then kills the bacteria while also strengthening the enamel at the same time. This is a conservative way of stopping the growth of a cavity until a more permanent restoration can be placed. This allows us to preserve more healthy enamel, arrest the decay progress, and potentially protect the health of the tooth’s pulp (nerve).
Dental Sealants
Even our expert brushers and flossers can struggle keeping the tiny grooves of their teeth clean. When food and bacteria build up in these areas, your child is at risk for tooth decay. Sealants "seal out" food and plaque and protect the chewing surfaces where cavities are most common. The application is fast and comfortable and can effectively protect teeth for many years. After your child's dental cleaning, the teeth are dried, the sealant is applied and a special light is used to harden the sealant. Your child will be able to eat or drink right after their appointment.
Oral Cancer Screening
At each and every visit, your child’s pediatric dentist will complete an oral cancer screening to look for any warning signs. The screening is fast and easy, and absolutely worth the time spent.
Orthodontic Screening
Our team works collaboratively with orthodontists to create the best results in the most efficient way. They are trained to recognize growth and development concerns and bad bites that may alter future growth at the earliest possible time. As part of our comprehensive examination process, we may determine your child’s need for orthodontic referral. If you wish to know more about our orthodontic services provided, please reach out to us.

sedation dentistry

We strive to make each child as comfortable and relaxed as possible while receiving care and the treatment recommended is tailored specifically to their needs. We offer several sedation options, which include nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, IV sedation and hospital dentistry/general anesthesia. Our protocols follow the guidelines of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

​Our team works with Nebraska Dental Anesthesia and Midwest Sedation Consultants to provide in-office procedures and ensure that your child’s dental treatment is completed safely while your child is comfortably asleep. In the case your child’s needs are best suited for care in a hospital setting, our doctors are credentialed with hospital privileges at Boys Town National Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and Midwest Surgical Center. You can be assured knowing that your child has a team of expert doctors specializing in pediatric dental surgery and anesthesiology working together to deliver the highest safety and quality care for your child.

restorative dentistry

At times, no matter how much we do to teach our kids to brush and floss and make the best choices in caring for their teeth, problems arise like cavities and severe tooth decay. At Smile Station Pediatric Dentistry, we can help by offering restorative dentistry for kids. Offering pulp therapy, tooth-colored fillings, and crowns, your child can have a fully restored smile that will put them back on track to a healthy smile.

emergency dentistry

We know accidents happen and we will be here for you. Our board-certified pediatric dentists are available to help any time, any day. We will do everything possible to provide the highest level of compassionate care no matter when the need to do so occurs.
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